Control Products Unlimited, Inc. was founded in 1990 as a custom solution provider of
Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition or SCADA software.  Having strong skills in both
Information Systems and Factory Floor environments, our initial offerings included
advanced features such as relational database support, cross platform connectivity, peer
networking, remote access, and voice alarm retrieval and acknowledgement.

Meeting the requirements of these demanding applications involved integrating
dissimilar technologies into a seamless solution.  This was accomplished by designing
utilities that incorporated a reliable, bidirectional movement of process

Screens were created using common paint programs, such as Media Cybernetics Dr Halo
and ZSoft's PC Paintbrush.  The images were brought to life with our
Resolution animation
editor.  Device drivers were written for common PLCs such as Allen Bradley, Texas
Instruments, Square D, Omron, Idec, and Koyo.

Several systems based on these early technologies are still utilized today in the US,
Canada, and South America.
As the world embraced Microsoft Windows, standards emerged for common
programming tasks such as user interface design and output device support.  Adhering
to these standards allowed application developers to address virtually any Window's
compatible hardware without investing valuable research and development time.  
Multiple applications residing on a given computer or network could now easily share
both features and data.

The flexibility of data storage and retrieval was standardized by
is a set of standards governing how programs share information and processing
features across application and network boundaries.  
TAPI defines the technologies that
enable voice, data, and video collaboration over LANs and common telephone lines.

The greatest benefit to developers and users of factory automation software came with
the industry wide adoption of
OPC.  The OPC or Data Access Specification was conceived
to standardize how applications share data with process control devices.  SCADA
systems can now communicate generically with field equipment through an installed

We at
Control Products Unlimited, Inc. realized the potential offered by these technologies
and found the most reliable and performance oriented approach was to re-engineer from
the ground up.  As opposed to taking the common and inefficient "band-aiding" path, our
offerings are designed and built on the very foundation defining these technologies and
It is the mission of Control Products Unlimited, Inc. to both simplify the support of and
remove the complexity surrounding SCADA systems.  This is accomplished through the
adoption of standards, integration of third party components, and product packaging.

Each of our industry partners specializes in a specific area of the process automation
environment.  This offers the broadest level of support and increased protection from
obsolescence as each organization is continually improving and adding features to their
portion of the solution.

Our ultimate goal is to provide cost effective, non-proprietary solutions based on
industry standard components and technologies.
Evolving Technologies