CPUtilities is a complete software solution for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition.  Comprised
of a rich variety of Rapid Application Development (RAD) tools, robust solutions can be efficiently
implemented using a simple point and click interface.

Packaged as a single price solution, there are no confusing option lists complicating the task of matching
software components to real world problem solving.  All features are included with the runtime license and
development licenses are absolutely free!
$845.00 (lite version)

Full version - $1995.00
See additional requirements at bottom of page

CPUtilities supports OPC drivers for more than one field device type in a single system.  Even multiple
vendor's OPC Servers can be integrated into a single solution allowing horizontal data movement over
their supported PLC and field instrumentation drivers.  OPC Server must support the Data Access 2.x, OPC

Relational Database

ODBC technology is used to store process and historical data in an industry standard database.  Each
installation must include a database from at least one vendor.  Solutions may be constructed with multiple
databases from one or more vendor's offerings.

Historical Reporting

Analyzing production data could not be any easier with the built in report templates and point and click
data selection interface.  Even novice users will be creating powerful reports in just minutes.  Data may be
seamlessly exported into Microsoft Excel for more advanced analysis and trending features.  Utilizing
special purpose packages such as Crystal Reports is possible since all process data is maintained in an
industry standard database.

Process Graphics

CPUtilities provides built in templates for creating process information and setpoint entry screens.  High
quality graphical displays may be incorporated utilizing Generic Logic's Graphics Builder.  Generic Logic
Inc. provides a wealth of widget libraries containing predefined drawings for such items as tanks, valves,
buttons, knobs, gauges, and trending allowing professional, vector based displays to be easily integrated
into the solution.

Distributed Processing

Solutions may be scaled from a standalone personal computer up to advanced, multi-processing
environments.  Utilizing Distributed
COM, CPUtilities centralizes data in the RTDB allowing processing of
field information to be efficiently shared across a network.  Network clients can be added to the system
without any additional licensing or cost.  The Lite version does not support distributed processing.


Based on the Microsoft NT Security Model, CPUtilities provides an extremely flexible and secure
environment for mission critical information.  Each data point is assigned to a
user group with an access
level.  System users are granted rights to these
tags as well as to the individual applications comprising
the suite of development tools.


From it's conception, CPUtilities was designed as a powerful environment for moving data between
process control equipment residing at both local and remote locations.  With standard support for common
modems and IP networks, support is extended to non-standard wireless and wired devices through a
simple scripting language.  This feature eases the integration into existing solutions and insures
compatibility with future data transport technologies.

Version Licensing

The Lite version supports all features of the Full License but is limited to a single, standalone computer
installation.  Network clients are not allowed to attach and share process data.  Converting a Lite project to
the Full version only involves changing the license key.

System Requirements

  • Windows XP Professional, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10
  • ODBC Driver and Database Software
  • OPC Server Driver
  • GLG Graphics Builder Professional or Enterprise Edition (option)
  • Microsoft Excel (option)
  • Minimum 2 GHz Processor, 4GB RAM
  • Video Adapter 1024 x 768 Pixel Resolution or Greater
  • 512 GB HD

Additional hardware such as serial ports, modems, and LAN adapters are required depending on the type
of data transport needed for field device connectivity.

The GLG Graphics Builder is an optional component, but required to implement graphical process
screens.  The development environment is a one time purchase as no royalties are required to distribute
created displays.  Inquire for current pricing.

Microsoft Excel may be used for additional reporting and data analysis functionality.