Control Products Unlimited, Inc. has partnered with industrial technology leaders
providing the highest quality of factory automation solutions and support.
    Generic Logic, Inc. is a premier provider of
    dynamic graphics, data visualization, and
    interface solutions for software developers
    around the world.  Its products are used to
    visualize and control a variety of real-world
    and mission critical processes from producing
    silicon wafers to launching satellites into

    Generic Logic's Graphics Builder provides a
    point and click interface for drawing graphical
    objects and attaching 2D and 3D dynamic
    animations.  Tightly integrated with our
    CPUtilities product, the highest quality of
    process representation and interaction is
    Software Toolbox has been supplying
    software tools and components for the
    automation industry since 1996.  They have
    built a reputation for quality products and
    support with over 8000 installations in 67

    Software Toolbox's, TOP Server product
    provides CPUtilities with connectivity to over
    80 OPC drivers supporting 100's of PLCs and
    field instruments.