CPUtilities is a high performance, user friendly
SCADA solution featuring:

OPC Connectivity
ODBC Relational Database Storage
High Resolution, Vector Based Graphics
Flexible User Security
Seamless Microsoft Office Integration
Intuitive Point and Click User Interface
Simplistic End User Reporting Wizard
Tag Based With Unlimited I/O Count
Advanced Diagnostics Tools
Integrated Development Environment
Free Client Workstation Licenses

Packaged in a networked or standalone version,
CPUtilities provides a feature to price ratio unequaled
in the market place.
VoiceAlarm is a flexible, cost effective remote
alarm notification solution providing:

Telephone Notification With Menu Driven
Handset Acknowledgement
Email Notification
Text Messaging Notification
Unlimited Alarm Count
Flexible User Security
Comprehensive Activity Reporting
Local Alarm Acknowledgement
OPC and ODBC Process Alarm Connectivity
Native CPUtilities Connectivity
Messages Recorded And Played In User's Voice

Connects easily to PLCs and SCADA systems using OPC and/or ODBC.  Utilizing a standard sound card,
microphone, and low cost modem, no special
hardware is required.
Software products run for two hour trial intervals for evaluation purposes.  This allows projects to be
created and prototyped without the need to first purchase a license.  Projects created with an
unlicensed version do not have to be modified in any manner when a license is purchased and