Control Products Unlimited, Inc. has experience in many industries including food,
medical device manufacturing, pulp and paper, water treatment, and textiles.  We
have provided integration services using popular SCADA packages such as
Factory Link, Wonderware, and Fix DMACS.

Although we specialize in the implementation of SCADA solutions, we can provide
expertise with data movement between Manufacturing and Information Systems
utilizing our vast skills with mini and mainframe Relational Database Management

Historically, we have found that most projects require integrating custom logic with
"off the shelf" software to satisfy the exact requirements of a given specification.  
Through the adoption of recent technologies, we have evolved much of this
custom logic into standard product offerings.

Also, manufacturing environments typically implement dissimilar automation
solutions in order to remain competitive in an ever changing market place.  With
our arsenal of software tools and experience, we can assist in integrating these
"islands of automation" into a single control and monitoring environment.

Control Products Unlimited, Inc. builds solutions by integrating tools from many
different vendors.  We provide expertise in the following development and
operational environments:
  • Batch and Discrete Processing
  • Telemetry (wired and wireless)
  • DOS, Windows, and Linux Operating Systems
  • Mini and Mainframe Connectivity
  • BASIC, C, Assembler, Visual BASIC, and C++ languages
  • CPUtilities SCADA Software
  • PLC Ladder Logic and HMI development
  • Machine and Operator Panel Fabrication
  • Autodesk AutoCAD design
Certified Fiber Optic Technician
CFOT Cert # 2087188 - Exp. 08/202